Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Life Before Technology, or The Giggling Spring

You may have noticed I've been quiet lately. It's not by choice. I recently moved, and while beautiful and lovely, the new place is lacking some essentials. There was a gas issue which meant we couldn't move in for a while. Blinds/Curtains only arrived last Friday, two weeks after the move. Now privacy a girl can live without - Hi there builders across the road, I'm here to accidentally make your day as my make shift curtain (a dust sheet wedged in the window) falls again. But no internet? That's unforgivable. Are we living in the dark ages? It's a basic human right and someone needs to be held accountable. I've been left stranded with nothing but a basic and painfully slow facebook check to get me through the day. I'm beginning to understand how Moses felt, wandering lost through the desert. Bored...

There is however a light shining far in the distance (or rather, just up the road) guiding my way. For an hour or two a day I hop onto my camel (ok I walk, that's enough of this Moses nonsense) and head to The Giggling Spring Cafe. It may not look like much from the outside, but this little cafe has become my haven. I can sit upstairs in the quiet, whip out my laptop and tap away for a few hours, drinking cappuccinos and eating the best Stollen in the world. The decor is cosy, the wifi password never changes, and best of all, the staff are amazing. I genuinely look forward to coming up here and having a little chat. They remember my order. They ask about my job hunt/my day. They're just all types of lovely. In short, I'm a big fan of this place, and thought I'd take a minute to give them a little blog shout out.

Thank you Giggling Springers. I hope I soon have internet at home, but I'll miss my almost daily trips up here. I may just keep them, minus the laptop, and hopefully plus the kind of wages in my pocket that a full time job gets you.

If you're ever in Wokingham and fancy a coffee I can't think of anywhere better.

P.S - they have a very basic website here. And sorry about the lack of pictures.

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