Friday, 13 September 2013

Tuxes and Top Hats

What's better than a fancy party in a big marquee with an unlimited supply of champagne and cosmopolitans? Pretty much nothing.
Except doing the above in a variety of ridiculous hats.

My beautiful cousin Lucy turned 21 recently. Well, about a month ago, but it was celebrated recently with an almighty bash, themed 'Black Tie and Hats'. I'm not really a head-wear gal, and as such was at a bit of a loss. I opted for the 'drunk american' look with a Jack Daniels cowboy stunner that appeared one morning at University. Unfortunately everyone else went for a slightly classier vibe.

Everyone except Ed.

Is that a peacock feather and leopard print adorned pimp hat? Yes. Yes it is. Did he take every opportunity to pimp-pose? Yes. Yes. He. Did.

Typical Welshman, drink in each hand. Apparently it was contagious...

Not to mention bad for the dignity. Expensive Steve Madden heels were ruined and quickly abandoned to avoid face-planting on the dance floor (a fate poor Lucy failed to avoid - but on ones 21st birthday it is your right to fall over as much as you like without judgement). Lucy was certainly, even inebriated, the belle of the ball.

Definite hat envy. And dress envy. And tear-inducing-proud-father-speech envy.

The party was incredible, as we all expected. Great music, great food (dear god the canap├ęs!) and more drinks than you could shake your flat-cap at. So I think it earned some awards...

Best Hat

Obviously the birthday girl.

Best Drunk-Eye

Amanda, you truly earned this.

Best Outrageous Dance Moves

This had to be a three-way tie. Will and Lucy, your efforts were outstanding. But I couldn't let my Dad lose his 'Worst Dancer in the World' title. His enthusiasm is unshakable, as is his dedication to jumping a lot and jazz hands.

Most Drinks Spilled/Most Inappropriate When Drunk

Nicholas. Spilling drinks and smashing glasses? Check. Inappropriate soliciting of his big sisters friends? Check. Passing out in the garden for a while? Check.

He should also win something for his chat-up lines, which I think went along the lines of 'you might as well'...

Top Lad.

Big thank you to my wonderful extended family. Everyone had an amazing time thanks to your hospitality, generosity and general amazing-ness. Happy Birthday Lucy!

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