Sunday, 20 October 2013

Bienvenue au Tillac!

I, at this moment, am a very contented bunny. As I type, I am sat in front of a roaring fire, glass of wine in hand (or at least, very near to hand whilst I type) in the beautiful south of France. Tillac, to be exact. About an hour south of Toulouse. Fantastique!

After spending Friday running around London (literally, and in heels - I had a very overbooked morning!) it was a massive relief to finally arrive in Toulouse, and be chauffeured by the lovely Lynda to her beautiful, secluded house. We got here just in time for a quick tour and a glass of champagne to see the sun go down.  

The house is nestled deep in the countryside, surrounded by corn fields and ducks. It's the perfect place to escape the strains of graduate life (job-hunting is hard, okay!) and get some last minute sun. After a long lie in on Saturday and a quick swim - the pool is freezing now but I'm hard as nails - we all set off to explore.

I wanted to run through the corn fields and re-enact some classic horror film scenes, but it was too darn sunny. Nightmare. Instead we went scrumping for apples to make friends with these handsome chaps. 

They took some coaxing to come over - they're clearly popular around here and well fed by anyone passing by, but they eventually bumbled over to say hello. They seemed to appreciate the effort of our apple theft too...

Charmer. We also managed to scrounge some hazelnuts, figs, and walnuts that Lynda made an amazing cake with. Don't tell the farmers...

We had planned to go to a Repas in Montesquiou for supper - like a big communal meal where people help themselves and sit around chatting all night - but we arrived to find a deserted ghost town. The streets were completely empty, and dimly lit by the kind of lamps you would expect to find Mr Tumnus under, so after a little wander in the moonlight we moved on to a restaurant in Bassous. The food was good, the wine was bottomless, but the real charm was in the company. If you like cats, that is.

 The restaurant was over-run with them, and we were surrounded by watchful eyes as we ate. We eventually caved and gave them our left-over duck, to the amusement of the locals, and had to leave before Lynda got too attached and brought them all home with us!

I do plan to do things while I'm here, but somehow keep getting swept up in doing nothing by the pool. It probably has something to do with all the wine...but I'm in France. It'd would be rude not to...

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