Thursday, 7 November 2013

My Top 5 Best and Worst Things Right Now.

It's cold. It's quite often wet. I'm no longer in France. So I decided to share with you the top five things that are making my life better right now, and the top five things that are making me want to stick my head in the oven Sylvia Plath style (although it's an Aga, so I'd have to set aside a whole day to do it and still run the risk that at the end of it I'd just be more bored and slightly lukewarm...). Here goes.

Top 5 Good Things

1. Cashmere
It's soft. It's super cosy. I've taken to stealing my Dad's camel cashmere jumper in the hope that I pull it off in a relaxed low-effort Alexa Chung style cool kinda way. Unfortunately, being of a shorter and distinctly stockier breed than Alexa, it is more of a grown up version of the girl who came to mufti (non-school uniform) days in a fleece and a t-shirt laced with embroidered kittens before that kind of thing was worn ironically. Still. So snuggly.

2. Pugs
I'm dying for a pug. I would call it Grumble, and love it forever, and I don't think I've ever wanted anything so much. My sister knows this and a couple of days ago sent me this... which I responded by squealing and doing that excited clapping T-rex impression girls do when they see babies dressed up as fuzzy animals. Or men holding babies dressed up like fuzzy animals. Or animals dressed up like other animals. Incidentally when I get my pug, the first thing I'm doing is buying it a T-rex costume. And a Yoda costume.

I feel better already. 

3. Buzzfeed
I could spend all day scrolling through well thought out, poignant articles like '25 Things Only 90's Kids Will Understand' and '50 Dogs Who Immediately Regret Their Decisions'. Plus nothing speaks to the single and unemployed like a good eye-roll gif. It's nice to know I'm not the only one responding to questions about my job search/love life like this.

Or just dealing with general life like this. 

Both found here. Incidentally DailyGrace is wonderful and is one of my favourite youTubers. She should be on this list, because if you ignore the fact she's effortlessly skinny, a bit famous, and is getting paid to be herself and travel around doing the things she loves, she is JUST LIKE ME!  

4. Fireworks!!!
Or rather, Bonfire Night. The actual fireworks not so much. Crackle. Bang. That was underwhelming and I can't feel my toes. Blame it on the TV generation but, unless something goes wrong and there's a near death moment for a shed or a tree (not a person...), they just don't pack the same punch they used to. But the actual night as a whole; getting dressed up in hundreds of layers, dancing around a fire with sparklers and mulled wine, having candyfloss for supper? Little bit magical. 

5. Wine.

Top (Bottom?) 5 Worst Things

1. Being Cold
I hate the cold. I'm just not built for it. So much so that I'm all for global warming. Stop recycling! Burn those fossil fuels! Sorry Bangkok. I want my winter to be half a degree warmer. 

2. Coats
This is potentially one of the reasons I hate the cold so much. I haven't found a coat I like since, well, ever. Jackets? I'm all over it. But if I want a decent winter coat, one that will genuinely shelter me from the harsh British winter, I have to accept the fact that I'm going to look like Danny Devito. 

3. Couples
We get it. You're in love and it's just. So. Much. Fun. Now STOP TOUCHING EACH OTHER.

4. Unemployment
Again. I'm just not suited to it. I'm bored. And I hate being bored. I end up blogging about nothing and getting uncharacteristically angry at couples/happy people, then spending far too long finding gifs to express my disdain. Which leads to my next and final least favourite thing...

5. Reassuring Clich├ęs, Questions, and Job Searching Advice
'How's the job hunt going?'
Brilliantly. I've landed my dream job. That's why I'm sat here at 2pm in my pyjamas, eating cereal out of the box and watching 'Charmed' for the 3rd time today.

'It's a numbers game'

'You just have to get your CV out there' 
Really? It's that simple? Thank god you told me. Quite similar to:

'Are you sending your CV to companies you're interested in?'
No. I didn't realise you had to be that specific, so I've just been putting them in bottles and throwing them out to sea... 

I know I'm lucky really to have so many people who care. I love you too. But stop it. 

Happy Thursday everyone!

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