Sunday, 2 June 2013

Help for Heroes Big Battlefield Bike Ride 2013

I was going to tell you about Paris. I will next, I promise. And this is, sort of...

I just had a visit from my wonderful Dad, who's just got back from doing the Help for Heroes Big Battlefield Bike Ride 2013, a bike ride from Paris to London visiting all the war sites between. I was there to see them all off from Les Invalides in Paris, a military museum, and a hospital/retirement home for war veterans.

The Duchess of Cornwall even dropped by to show her support. You'll have to excuse the photos, I only had my phone on me. There are much better ones all over the news and the Help for Heroes website (along with upcoming events and merchandise). These events tend to make me pretty emotional, coming from a military family, and it was especially poignant after the recent events in both London and Paris.

I always come away from though literally glowing with pride, not just for my Dad (pictured in the fetching yellow glasses, looking much more energetic than he did on his return) and the people I know taking part, but the entire Help for Heroes family.

Unfortunately I couldn't make it to see them all on the homeward stretch past the Cenotaph and the Horse Guards Parade, but I know lots of people made an appearance to show their support. It's always a big event and I'm gutted I missed out. I'm so, so proud of everyone involved!

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